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Our associated companies “LIFEGLOW” and “SUS LED” have been awarded all manufacturing and assembling responsibilities of our full LED Lighting Solutions offering.


LIFEGLOW NPC is a Non-Profit Company registered under the South African Company Act No 71 of 2008. It has as its a mission to create jobs in South Africa, alleviate poverty, and empower entrepreneurs (based on the SAVF’S beneficiaries, especially woman in townships) by marketing LED Lights assembled by SUS LED (Pty) Ltd. in association with SAVF. It strives to involve Social Responsibility Programmes of Corporate South Africa to assist the Welfare Centres within SAVF to save electricity by switching over to LED Lights.


LIFEGLOW is situated at the SUS LED-assembly plant at Donato, a SAVF Housing scheme for destitute people in the impoverished community of Hermanstad, Pretoria. LIFEGLOW focuses its activities towards job creation for handicapped, skilled, unskilled people in the communities where they operate LED assembly-plants.

The intention is to roll out a five-tier concept throughout the SADC:

  • Alleviating poverty through job creation and technical skills transfer.
  • Marketing and supply of serviceable energy saving products (LED) at an affordable price to enable the some 288 SAVF-facilities to replace existing incandescent lights resulting in energy cost saving of between 60% and 90%.
  • Empowering entrepreneurs through training and mentoring to establish SMME’s to sell assembled LED products into the existing market.
  • Generating an income stream for the SAVF to fund their diminishing support and grants from statutory institutions.
  • Serving the existing sales channels and industrial bulk energy users such as:
  1. Motor Manufacturing.
  2. Agriculture and Mining industry.
  3. Provincial and Local Government as well as Institutions managing energy efficient measures in the retail sector i.e. Shopping Centres and Office Blocks, Corporate sector

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